The Arcturian Personal Seal of Protection

  • Neutralise harmful geopathic energies
  • Deflect negative energies from people and places around you
  • Eliminate EMF from computer s and electrical appliances
  • Enhance intuition, thought clarity and psychic ability
  • Strengthen you body's natural auric and aetheric field
  • Increase your body's natural resonance
The Arcturian Seal is a unique device that utilizes colour, sacred geometry, metals and earth elements to enhance the bodies energy fields and introduce 5th dimensional frequencies to the auric and aetheric fields.

The disc will also help in connecting to ones Higher Self, thus forming a better duct for knowledge to come to us.

When worn or carried on the body, the Seal draws in universal energy to add to the body's own energy fields. This strengthens and seals the wearers' energy fields to provide an energetic barrier.

This protective field will not only shield against negative geopathic and man made energies, it will as well, prevent psychic intrusion and even Remote Viewing of the wearer and their immediate surrounds.

It also helps shield against some forms of electro-magnetic imaging devices, improving privacy.

Many wearers report feeling more at ease, relaxed and rested when using the Seal. The energy released by the Seal will also aid in healing on all levels.

The Arcturian Personal Seal

The Arcturian Personal Seal


58mm diameterGST inclusive